Privacy Policy

1. General 

Data protection is taken seriously by Codemojo Network Pvt Ltd (hereinafter "the developer"). By this "Privacy Policy" the developer wants to inform you about the required data, its purpose, how we intend to use it and how you are able to correct or amend your information. The protection of your privacy is of utmost importance to us. This is the reason why compliance with the strict provisions of the law is a matter of course for us. It is our firm's belief that data protection starts with transparency. Thus, our concern is to let you know which kind of your data is stored, how we use your data und also how you can limit or even prevent such storage of your data. The developer will only use your information and data provided by you in consistency with the Austrian and European data protection laws as well with this Privacy Policy. 

2. Scope of application  

The developer expressly states that the Privacy Policy shall apply to all registered users of the websites listed in section 2.

The following websites are currently operated by the developer:


3. What is personal data? 

Personal data includes information on personal and factual circumstances concerning an identified or identifiable person. This includes information such as your (real) name, your address or any other mail address and as well as your telephone number. Also your e-mail address is included here from if it is connected so strongly to your name that you are identifiable. Information due to which your identity cannot be determined does not qualify as personal data. As an example, such information is all information without any connection to your name, e.g. the declaration of your sex or your age or your education or your placed bets in a betting game. 

4. When and for which purpose will your data be stored and collected? 

Of our registered users we store an e-mail address and a ETH wallet ID for identification. We require that data to distinguish our users and to contact them. The data for identification purposes will remain stored as long as the user is not deleted. 

5. What about IP-address, etc.? 

With your access on, some possible identification data (IP-address) and other information (date, time, viewed page) is stored on our server for the purpose of data security. An evaluation of the data does not take place, except for statistical purposes where data will only be evaluated in anonymised form (e.g. shortened by several numbers or encrypted series of numbers regarding the IP-address; see also section "Creation of user profiles"). 

6. Use and disclosure of personal data 

The developer only uses your personal information within the company and only transfers it to such companies, which are supposed to help with the fulfilment of our contract with you or otherwise engaged in the service provision. Apart from that, your personal data will not be transferred, unless you have expressly agreed to any transfer or we are obliged to disclose any data, e.g. due to an official or judicial command. Please be aware that provided information of other users, e.g. on support channels are retrievable for other users of the service. Therefore you should review your contributions carefully before making them public to ensure that you have not included any information that is not intended for the public. You should take into account that contributions or data that you make publicly accessible will be recorded in search engines and be accessible globally, even without a specific call to our offer. The deletion or correction of such data can often not be enforced regarding foreign operators. There is no right of deletion of these data towards the developer. If you have registered on, the developer uses your data provided during the registration process for the purpose of delivering the ALLOY-newsletter. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Therefrom excepted are only partner companies which are responsible for the technical processing for the newsletter dispatch. In these cases, the scope of the transmitted data shall be restricted to the necessary minimum. 

7. Cookies 

Cookies are small text files which can be stored on the hard drives of web site users. They enable personalized adjustments to be made to the website. Furthermore, Cookies are used by the developer to analyse the use of the websites in anonymised or pseudonymized form, as well as the online advertisement, to store general preferences of the user and to present a user special offers and services which meet his specific interest and can be found on the websites. Furthermore, anonymised user statistics will be drafted and the data will be used for market research purposes. Our advertising customers will on no account receive data which allow to identify you. Most browsers are activated in a form that they accept Cookies automatically. You may deactivate Cookies or change the settings of your browser so that it informs you as soon as cookies are sent. However, in this event, a smooth functioning of our Website is no longer possible. 

8. Technical infrastructure 

Our technical infrastructure is based on so called "Root Servers" at the hosting provider "AWS". We place great importance on high security standards. All accesses on the data-processing systems by employees of the developer can exclusively be transmitted using encoded accesses (SSL), for which an additional authorisation is necessary. The developer blocks all accesses on the data processing systems which occur on non-authorised ports. Only necessary ports and services are open. The employees of the computer centre do not have password access to the data processing systems. Our servers are only placed in the member states of the European Union. All data are processed and stored within the member states of the European Union. For our platform we use 100% free software which is based on Linux. Linux is known for its outstanding safety. Necessary security updates will be installed by us on all productive systems. 

9. Creation of personal profiles 

We respectively third party companies record information on the use of our offers without relation to personal information. Due to pseudonymization and anonymization of the gained information your privacy stays protected all the time, because the information does not allow conclusions on specific persons. In particular it is possible that the use of analytical tools (webtracking) results in the creation of specific user profiles. We use – like almost every website operator – analytical tools in the form of tracking software, in order to determine the use frequency, the number of users on our Website. Therefore, we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. This tracking software uses Cookies which are stored on a computer of the user and technically enable analyses of the use of the website (see also section "Cookies"). The Cookie-generated information about the usage of our website is used to create reports about the activities on the website and to provide further services in connection to the website use. In this process your IP-address will be made unrecognizable, thus it will be anonymous. With this software neither we, nor the operator of the analysing tools are able to record personal data that may reveal the identity of the user. Google Analytics can be deactivated by installing a Browser-Add-On (available under 

10. Newsletter/consent pursuant to telecommunications act 2003 

You agree that the developer sends you the newsletter of ALLOY, as well as information and advertising material about activities and service offers of ALLOY to your e-mail address provided by you. 

You may revoke your consent given in point 10 in writing by e-mail at any time. 

11. Information, Revocation Right, Questions 

You may request at any time and without charge information concerning the data stored in relation to your person or to a pseudonym assigned to your person. We reserve the right to provide this information electronically. Moreover, you are at any time entitled to revoke the further use of personal data in the future. In case of an information request or a revocation you need to file sufficient information to your individualisation (at least e-mail address and ETH wallet ID) and valid evidence that this information refers to you. In these cases or if you have other questions to our data security please contact:

12. Right of modification 

We reserve the right to amend the provisions of the Privacy Policy without giving any reasons at any time, whereby any such amendments shall be published on (at most) by sending the text of the amendment to the e-mail address provided by the user in each case at least 30 days before any such amendments entering into force. Apart from formal requirements amendments of the Privacy Policy requires your consent. Any amendments of the Privacy Policy enter into force within 30 days after the announcement. In case you do not accept the amended of the Privacy Policy, you may not further use the services of the developer.